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The AMPShare battery system

Stronger. Simpler. More versatile.

Greater mobility and flexibility on the construction site are among the unbeatable advantages of the AMPShare battery system. It no longer matters whether power is available on site, you can get started straight away. In addition to time, tradespeople save money. AMPShare offers a simple and cost-effective way to build up a sustainable stock of 18V tools. The longevity of the AMPShare batteries is a key factor in this. The outstanding Coolpack technology ensures rapid heat dissipation, which enables the exceptionally long battery runtimes and extends their service life.

**With our new AMPShare battery tools, all important jobs can be completed with excellent performance.


Light, compact and smart - the ideal everyday companion
  • Convenient jaw locking: New locking mechanism enables easy and safe insertion and removal of the pressing jaw
  • Balanced design: Optimised size and weight improve machine handling in daily use
  • Connectivity: Connects the machine to the ROTHENBERGER app and provides data such as pressing protocols or important machine parameters in real time

ROMAX 4000

Fast, strong and durable - a perfect all-rounder
  • Fast and powerful crimping: Presses in 5 seconds with 32 - 34 kN
  • 270° rotatable jaw holder: For easy working in constrained positions
  • Automatic, force-controlled forced operation: Piston retracts automatically once the required pressing force has been reached


Fast, effortless and precise - the optimum in thread cutting
  • Tool-free Speed-Lock cutting head holder: Quick insertion and tight fit of the cutting heads
  • DuraEasyCut: The optimised cutting geometry reduces the effort required by 20 % and increases the service life
  • Forward and fast reverse switch: For an efficient work process


Modular HD inspection camera for pipes in buildings
  • 7″ full HD touchscreen: For intuitive operation and direct documentation with damage catalogue directly on the device
  • App functionality: Full functions for live streaming and easy data sharing via IOS and Android
  • Compact Ø 25 mm head: Covers an application range of Ø 40-110 mm


A new kind of bending: independent, powerful, enduring
  • Automatic cut-off: Fast production of identical bends
  • Forged aluminium segments: Dimensionally stable bending segments with bending angle display
  • Changeover switch for forward and fast return: For an efficient work process


Compact and powerful - your everyday companion
  • Robust 13 mm metal drill chuck: For ideal power transmission when drilling and screwing
  • Integrated work light: Enables precise work, even in poor lighting conditions
  • Brushless motor: For a long service life and high battery performance


Here you will find answers to your most important questions.

AMPShare is a cross-brand battery system that gives you the flexibility to operate professional tools from different brands with one and the same battery. The AMPShare batteries, which are available in different sizes and power capacities, make it possible to use different tools from all AMPShare partner brands with the same battery - including the entire Bosch Professional 18V system.

AMPShare is made up of the terms "AMP", short for ampere (unit of measurement for electrical current), for the performance of the system, and the term "Share", which stands for the sharing of the battery on a universal battery platform and emphasises the idea of sustainability.

As a compact and lightweight battery pack, AMPShare offers mobility and unlimited flexibility for more ergonomic and comfortable working. Even without an external power source, the machines can be operated in different locations without restrictions. Work processes are optimised and accelerated for an ideal result in the shortest possible time.

The AMPShare platform currently includes more than 300 tools from 33 brands. The AMPShare battery technology is based on the Professional 18V system from Bosch Professional. This means that more than 80 million rechargeable batteries have already been sold on the market and can be used with all AMPShare tools.


You can find more information about our new products with AMPShare battery system in our latest press release and flyer.